Application Services

With new developments taking place rapidly in the business and technology scene, it becomes imperative to create new solutions or revamp existing solutions to newer environments. With shrinking IT budgets and ever increasing requirements, corporations have to consider solution providers who bring in the advantage of added expertise and reduced costs through labor arbitrage and innovation.

XENIA TECHNOLOGIES has a track record of completing hundreds of highly successful application development engagements. Though working with XENIA TECHNOLOGIES does give you cost savings, the real value we provide is the business focus that we intrinsically build into each step, bringing you real, added business value that is converted into a strengthened bottom line.

  • The application development practice covers the following activities

    • New application development
    • Existing application enhancement
    • Application consolidation
    • Application migration
  • Typically, the XENIA TECHNOLOGIES application development solution is spread over five distinct phases

    • Discover (Requirements Gathering and Analysis) • Design
    • Develop (Coding, UAT)
    • Deploy (Implementation and short-term support)
    • Drive (long-term support)
    However, in many cases, we also do start at any of the above phases and progress on to the rest of the phases.
  • The Drive phase encompasses most of our application maintenance functions including

    • Request Management
    • Incident Management
    • Incident Processing
    • Work arounds and Resolutions
    • Root cause analysis
    • Interaction